Our Products

You’ve got to work with the best quality products to ensure the best possible job – so that’s exactly what we do. And what’s the point in working with the best if you don’t handle it properly? We take great care in the set up and production of everything we make, ensuring the best possible fit and appearance for any application you need.

Why Use easi-joists?

Easi-Joists got their name from making the installation of services, pipework, cabling and ducting a lot more practical and efficient.

They use less material than competitive products and offer lightness, clear span ability and load bearing capacity.

Why Use Wolf Trussed Rafters?

Houses come in many shapes and sizes, so we offer a supply and design service that provides a quality solution to any project.

Roof trusses are lightweight and strong making them an efficient, safe, and economical method for supporting a roof.

Whether it’s a simple or complex roof design we can easily manufacture the ideal truss for your project – calculated to current standards, and all the timber we use is from sustainable sources.

We can supply trusses which give a vaulted aspect and trusses that have open space inside to form living accommodation, as well as many others.

Feature Trusses

Eye catching, characterful and designed to suit any building – Our feature trusses are something to talk about and create an open, spacious feel in any room.

These can be spaced at whatever centres are required and the gap between the feature truss is filled with single raised tie trusses. No need for a ridge beam or purlins with this design.

We can also manufacture soft wood or Oak frames – perfect for sunrooms, porches, or as a double height part of the building.

Glulam Timber Beams

Our Glulam Beams can be used for a variety of applications such as ridge beams, purlins, lintels and floor support.

The come in a wide range of sizes and can be manufactured out of Spruce, Larch, or Oak.

We are here to help!

At Lincframe we pride ourselves on our service. We can support our customers at every stage of their project for all their roof and floor requirements, assuring direct access to the design department.