easi-joists Floor Design

Build it fast. Build it for less.

Why use easi-joists

easi-joists are parallel chord trusses using stress graded timber chords, plated together with Wolf Systems’ patented, precision metal webs, the strongest on the market.

They use less material than competitive products and offer lightness, clear span ability and load bearing capacity.

Easi-Joists out perform standard carcassing and I-Beams allowing a more practical installation of services, pipework, cabling and ducting, and a reduction of labour cost.

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easi-joists, the key features

Open Web Design

All services can run through the joists unobstructed.

Longer Spans

Clear spans of 8m can be achieved for domestic applications.

Reduced Site Wastage

As all the joists are made to measure this means there is minimal site wastage.

Light Weight Construction

As they are not a solid joist this means they are lightweight and easily installed on site.

Design Flexibility

Designs can easily accommodate stairs, lift shafts, air con ducting, hoists, roof lanterns etc.

Wider Spacing

As we fully calculate our joists, we can get most to work at 600mm centres therefore saving the number of joists in a job.

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